Saw Palmetto For Weight Control

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most modern scientific studies on saw palmetto have concentrated on the plant's beneficial effects on prostate cancer in men and the many problems associated with menopause in women. Studies on the effectiveness of saw palmetto for weight control are few and far between. However, Native Americans throughout history have claimed that extracts from the palm plant can also help regulate weight.

In the past, Native Americans utilized the berries of the saw palmetto to create gastrointestinal medicine. The extracts were taken with food to aid in digestion. Although they did not know it at the time, the medicine men of ancient America were in fact using saw palmetto to regulate their patients' metabolic rates.

Who Should Take Saw Palmetto for Weight Control?

Saw palmetto is probably best taken by people who wish to maintain a healthy and effective digestive track. It is thus better for individuals who wish to maintain or gain weight rather than those who wish to lose it. However, saw palmetto extracts have been known to reduce pains associated with sexual problems, prostate cancers, menopause, menstrual cramps, and PMS.

Thus, people who are adversely affected by stress may wish to take saw palmetto for weight control as well, especially if they always have high levels of radical stresses running through them on a daily basis. Most stress experts recommend a good regimen of exercise, diet, and supplementation to lose or gain weight. Adding saw palmetto may help combine the qualities of these three strategies into one cohesive plan and help increase their effectiveness.

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