Saw Palmetto For Women

Written by Sierra Rein
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Although most doctors and herbal specialists use saw palmetto to treat prostate problems in men, the plant extract can also benefit women. The most common use for saw palmetto in women is to treat the symptoms typically experienced during menopause. The fatty acids and sterols found in the saw palmetto plant are enough to boost the strength of the vaginal walls, uterine muscles, and ovaries, thus lessening menstrual pain.

Saw palmetto has also been used to alleviate the pains commonly associated with dysmenorrhoea (or menstrual cramps). The extract is quite effective for women who have unusually painful periods, and for women who are experiencing pain resulting from a complicated birth or miscarriage. Once a woman takes saw palmetto, her uterine muscles become stronger and more relaxed; these traits eventually allow for smaller, less painful uterine contractions.

In addition to these benefits, some women have reported that saw palmetto stimulates growth of both hair and breast size. Many have also claimed the plant oil was able to help them improve their sexual desires. Current studies are looking into saw palmetto as a possible treatment for abnormal hair growth (hirsuitism) and polycystic ovarian disease in women.

Dangers Associated with Saw Palmetto for Women

A small percentage of women who take saw palmetto may be in danger of drug interactions. Saw palmetto has been known to interfere with the effects of oral contraceptives and other forms of hormonal therapy. Women who take these types of drugs should check with a doctor or reproductive specialist and always use a secondary form of birth control when having sexual intercourse. It should also be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding, due to the plant's hormonal effects.

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