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Alcohol And Drug Screening Tests

Written by Sierra Rein
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Alcohol and drug screening tests are meant for more than just a few reasons. First of all, they are designed to target known drug abuse problems within the workforce or between family members. Secondly, they are meant to provide a strong disincentive for individuals to take drugs or overuse alcohol in the first place.

In the workplace, alcohol and drug screening tests go even further. Because alcohol and most illegal drugs aversely affect the body and brain, it is incredibly costly for businesses to allow workers to abuse substances while on the job. Countless days of dealing with tardiness, hangovers in the morning, work turned in late, and too many sick days can certainly take a toll on a business, especially if there are only a few employees in the workforce.

Alcohol and Drug Screening Tests for Our Loved Ones

There is a different philosophy behind the reasons why a spouse or young child should be tested. As family members, we have a personal investment in helping our loved one survive and get past drug and alcohol addiction. From the first drug testing procedure to the last, it is only a sincere desire to improve one's family life and to mend the terrible wounds that drugs and alcohol have created that pushes us to such extremes.

It is thus very important to explain the reasons why these tests are being administered, and to explain honestly how much the person is loved. Eventually, they will thank their mother, father, son, or granddaughter for stepping in and becoming a positive force in their life. They can then go on with life with the full knowledge that someone out there cares about their health and well-being.

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