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Alcohol Detection In Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many people nowadays are interested in finding out the best methods of alcohol detection in drug screening. Most of them are employees eager to improve their worker's safety. Others are concerned parents who need to know if their young teenager's disturbing behavior is due to alcoholic abuse.

No matter what the reasons, it is imperative that the best drug screening methods be used in these cases. Oftentimes, a person makes a huge mistake in choosing a cheap urine test over a fully reliable and trusted drug testing option. He or she might be wasting money on a screening method that provides faulty information at best and that angers fellow employees or family members with false positive drug test results.

How Alcohol Detection in Drug Screening Works

There are many ways to test for alcohol in the body. The most common and well known system is the breathalyzer, which finds the blood alcohol content of the body by means of the lungs. If a breathalyzer is not available, then a clinic can draw blood and test the percentage of blood alcohol in a laboratory.

Because alcohol is metabolized quickly by the body, it is essential that the drug testing be done within a few hours of intoxication. Depending on the person's individual metabolic rate, age, and weight, this can mean 1 to 24 hours after the first drink. For more information regarding alcohol detection in drug screening tests, contact a local company who performs these tests regularly and ask for more information.

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