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Blood Lab Tests

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many individuals, blood lab tests are the best way to get an in-depth analysis of their health and well-being. A single sample of blood can be tested for over 5,600 diseases. It can also give important "stats" regarding one's vitals, including blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver function, and heart disease.

Blood lab tests can be used as great ways to prevent future health issues in addition to finding diseases where there are no symptoms. Indeed, some sexually transmitted diseases never rear their ugly heads upon the body for many months or years after it has been introduced into the body. You have a duty to yourself and your current sexual partner to have the hidden truths of your physicality revealed!

How to Order Blood Lab Tests

Most people immediately contact their doctor or hospital to organize blood tests. However, while this is a viable option, it can be quite costly and can drain insurance policy coverage if done more than once or twice a year. A second, cheaper method is to contact one of several companies that drug test on a per-order basis.

These companies can send drug kits to any home or office. Blood can then be taken personally (as in the case of many HIV/AIDS kits) or you can travel with a local clinic who can draw blood at a low price and mail the finished kit to the company for proper laboratory analysis. The blood lab tests can have the results back to you within a few days!

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