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Companies That Drug Test

Written by Sierra Rein
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When considering all the safety precautions available, there is no doubt why companies that drug test continually turn in higher productivity rates and lower accident reports than the average business. Because drug abuse and alcohol use is so high in our society, it is very difficult for any employer to hire with 100% certainty that he will not have to deal with drug problems in the future. After all, 77% of substance abusers can be currently found somewhere in our nation's workplaces!

Most companies that drug test do so as pre-employment requirements. Applicants who are nearing the end of their screening and interview process will be asked a series of questions regarding their drug use and may be asked to go through a simple urine drug test. Once this is passed, some companies stop the screening process; however, others may feel the need to randomly screen current employees throughout the year as a precautionary measure.

Companies that Drug Test on a Mandatory Basis

Some businesses perform drug testing on a voluntary basis, while others are forced by law to routinely screen employees based on safety requirements. These are traditionally those connected through the Federal Government, those who need commercial driving licenses to conduct business, or at jobs that are physically hazardous (such as construction work, cement mixing, steel milling, or mining).

It should be considered a blessing that an employee arrives to work with the full knowledge that there is a low probability of drug use amongst his fellow workers. It allows a certain measure of security that he won't be injured due to drug abuse while at the same time increasing the levels of trust from one employee to another. It is just a smart business move overall!

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