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Corporate Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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For most businesses, the concept behind corporate drug testing simply make sense. It is estimated that $140 billion a year is lost in the U.S. due to drug and alcohol abuse. These include healthcare costs, accidents, and -- unfortunately -- lawsuits that are in response to on-the-job deaths.

Most people claim that those who only deal in dangerous jobs should be tested for drug abuse, as those who merely sit behind a desk is endangering no one if he or she is under the influence. However, part of the $140 billion is also due to lowered productivity levels which leads to redesigns, recalls, and clerical mistakes that can be incredibly detrimental to a business and it's clients. A business owner should have the right to make sure that he is not paying someone to abuse the workforce and arrive to work under the influence.

Benefits of Establishing a Corporate Drug Testing Program

The positive results that occur once a business begins a drug screening service is staggering. Companies have witness lowered on-the-job accidents, lower employee drop out and turn over rates, higher productivity levels, and an increased feeling of safety amongst office workers in general. Health care costs and insurance policies also have been known to decrease, as businesses spend less money worrying about how to deal with drugs and more time is spent preventing them.

Most corporate drug testing methods are simple and straightforward. Random drug screening policies ensure that individual privacy rights are not directly targeted, and if a positive drug test results the sample is usually sent back to the lab for more detailed analysis and confirmation. However, before a drug screening program is begun, it is up to the business owner to read and become acquainted with current state laws regarding employment and employee drug screening, and to respect the worker's rights to privacy and dignity.

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