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Drug Abuse Questionnaires Screening Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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Besides providing drug screening options, drug abuse questionnaires screening tools have become a regular way to allow a potential drug abuser to come clean about some of his actions. These questionnaires are usually written by psychologically trained analysts who understand how to recognize answers commonly associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Through careful understanding, and some follow-up questions, a substance abuser can come closer to terms with his addiction.

Some common questions often found on these forms include asking if "you ever thought you should cut down on your drinking or drug use?" or if people "annoy you by commenting on your drinking and drug use?" Other, very serious personal questions such as "have you often felt awful or guilty about your drinking/drug habits?" or "have you ever began the beginning of the day by having a drink or taking a drug to steady nerves or reduce a hangover?" can help an individual analyze his personal life in more detail, bringing about a larger awareness of his abusive behavior.

Who Can Use Drug Abuse Questionnaires Screening Tools?
Obviously, the primary use for these questionnaires is at drug rehabilitation centers. However, employers and parents can still utilize them after a positive drug test is discovered. The person's answers can then be taken to a drug abuse facility to allow a psychologist to properly analyze them.

Most drug abuse questionnaires screening tools are not designed to target individuals without reasonable suspicion or proof of drug use. Drug testing should never be set up only for those individuals who do not answer the questionnaire "correctly" or with incomplete answers. In fact, most of these forms should be optional without the proper "reasonable suspicion" required by the Forth Amendment of the Constitution.

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