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Drug Abuse Screening Test

Written by Sierra Rein
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A drug abuse screening test is meant for two purposes. The first is preventative measures to deter employees, students, and family members from participating in illegal or abusive drug and alcohol behavior. The second is to find and recognize early those already engaging in substance abuse and to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

It is very difficult to assess someone merely by look and behavior if they are or have ever been on drugs. An intoxicated person can speak, walk, and converse just as a sober person. It takes drug testing to answer any reasonable suspicions of being under the influence, and just because someone is currently intoxicated, this doesn't mean that he or she has a history of abuse.

When to Perform a Drug Abuse Screening Test

Most employers with drug testing programs will never directly target an individual employee without proper and "reasonable suspicion." He may organize random drug testing to discourage use in the workforce; however, a person's individual privacy is never the focus of any specific tests. This holds true unless an accident occurs or an individual displays extreme and consistent erratic behavior -- in these cases, it is the employer's right to test the worker for drug abuse.

A positive drug abuse screening test should be the beginning of a positive start to a new life. While many people fear the repercussions of being found out as a drug abuser, many welcome the freedom that the truth brings to them. With the right healing, detox, and counseling programs, a drug screening can be the answer that someone has been yearning for for years.

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