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Drug Abuse Screening Tools

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many people, drug abuse screening tools are the first necessary implements to begin a drug rehabilitation program. They can be used by employers, professional counselors, friends, spouses, and family members to target a known drug abuser and to identify problems early on in their abusive history. Once this initial drug screening results positively, the next phase of assessing the abuse and arriving at a solution can be made.

Indeed, drug abuse screening tools have been used across the globe as the first step toward substance abuse recovery. It allows the individual to recognize his problem face-to-face, and to see the extent to which his body has been affected by the drugs. Sometimes seeing a positive result on paper is enough to jar an individual into coming to terms with his addictive behavior.

Use of Drug Abuse Screening Tools in the Workplace

Employers have a strong responsibility towards his or her employees. This includes protecting the innocent from the behavior and dangers of those who arrive on the job intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. After all, an average of 77% of illicit drug users are employed today!

Lawfully, an employee is usually able to create random drug testing programs to make sure there are no drug-related accidents or productivity dips. In this manner, no individual will be targeted, while employees will have to make sure they do not arrive at work with drugs in their system. Sometimes, drug abusers are thankful that they test positive at work and can finally get the detox help and counseling they need to start a new and more positive life.

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