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Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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The issues regarding drug screening have certainly become a hotbed of conversation in recent years. The process of testing the blood, breath, urine, and saliva of an individual for drugs has been utilized as a preventative measure to protect the workplace, the schoolyard, and the home from the problems usually associated with drug abuse. However, it has also been abused itself as an extremely intrusive form of invading one's personal privacy.

It is this balance that is constantly in check. Safeguards have been implemented in the form of state and federal laws involving the protection against unreasonable search and seizure. However, other business and scholastic policies have also been created in order to prevent accidents and even deaths that occur because of drug use.

The Philosophy Behind the Drug Screening Process

Unfortunately, human beings have different levels of trustworthiness and honesty. Many businesses feel it is extremely important to perform criminal background checks and drug tests to make sure that applicants and current employees do not abuse their status and arrive to work drunk or under the influence of illicit substances. However, they can not "target" people based on their personalities, mode of dress, race, or other non-drug related factors.

Instead, many companies begin random drug testing to sweep the board of any discriminatory actions on the part of the employer. With this drug screening policy, anyone can be tested at any time and the innocent will not feel unnecessarily harassed. Also, if a positive drug test is discovered, the personal privacy of that person can be assured.

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