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Drug Screening Information

Written by Sierra Rein
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Hiring a fully reliable and drug-free employee is virtually impossible without the right drug screening information. While this may seem impersonal, it nevertheless is a truth amongst employers and business professionals. They want the best for their employees and company management profile, and all drug abuse or on-the-job intoxication must be handled before it becomes a problem.

Many business owners choose to perform drug testing on an applicant at the beginning of the hiring process. Others choose to add random drug testing throughout the year on regular employees to deter drug use and to create a clean working environment. Sometimes, this choice is mandatory, especially amongst government industries or dangerous, physical labor jobs.

Drug Screening Information Keeps You Prepared

If you are an employee of a company, make sure you understand that you have personal privacy rights in addition to the responsibility of arriving to work sober. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the ACLU have been strong advocates of the individual's rights against needless tests and suspicion-less drug screening. If you feel you have been wrongfully targeted by your company and have been put through drug tests on shaky grounds, talk to your manager.

However, there are mandates within the workplace which can allow an employer to randomly test employees on the job, especially if they can prove "reasonable suspicion" that someone is under the influence while at work. He or she usually must hire a drug screening services company to perform the tests, or send the employees to a clinic for lab drug tests. He or she can then discuss the results with the employee, and give him the right drug screening information he needs to understand what they mean.

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