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Drug Screening Methods

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many different drug screening methods to choose from, depending on the purpose and goal that the tests will accomplish. Some methods are best for large groups of people, such as employees. Others are good if an individual, such as a teenager, needs to be brought in for blood and drug abuse testing.

For example, employers can purchase bulk urine testing kits for adult drug screening, and perform random drug testing at work. However, because laws have different rules regarding the intoxication cut off levels of a pre-adult, blood work is often the best of drug screening methods for a child or teenager at school. It is best to learn the drug screening information required by law regarding the levels that each kit tests for.

How to Choose From Drug Screening Methods

There are several different bodily tests that can be done to recognize the existence of past drugs in the system. The main five are blood, urine, sweat, saliva, and hair follicles. A breathalizer can usually catch blood alcohol levels, but it can not catch many opiates or hallucinogens like marijuana, cocaine, or heroin.

Some drug screening methods are better than others, depending on the state's laws regarding personal privacy, the invasive procedure of obtaining a sample, and the overall cost. Urine tests are the most non-invasive and affordable type, while blood tests are the most informative. However, taking blood is considered very invasive and it can be expensive to process the information.

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