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Drug Screening Products Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to choosing a drug screening products testing method, anyone can get confused. There are home kits, on-site drug screening services, and clinical lab visits. There are salvia tests, and blood work tests, and urine lab tests, and tests that screen hair follicles and sweat -- how is a person to pick the best one?

A good idea when searching through drug screening products testing options is to weigh these important factors: legality, efficiency, cost, and reliability. Some drug testing methods are legal in some states in certain situations and not in others. Some kits are easy to use while others require a bit of expertise in handling and processing the results.

Cost and Reliability Factors in Choosing a Drug Screening Products Testing Method

How much you can afford does balance the scales a certain way while shopping for a good drug testing option. Urine tests are usually cheapest, and an individual or company can buy one or many testing kits. In addition to this, there are blood testing companies which can arrange for blood to be drawn and lab tests to be performed at a fraction of the cost that a doctor's visit or insurance policy will charge.

However, perhaps the most important factor is that of reliability. Some tests are notorious for creating false positives, or give simply yes/no questions when you really want information about the level of drugs in the system. Make sure that you do your research regarding the test options out there before making a decision.

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