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Drug Screening Results

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you have recently taken a drug test, it is important to know how to read drug screening results. Different tests produce different answers, and sometimes there are very specific laws governing how a test is read. Some results give simple yes or no, positive or negative answers, while some provide a percentage gram per ml level.

These results can be handed back within 24 hours for negatives, and 2-3 days with positives. However, there can be false positive drug test that have been found in the past. If there is any possibility that prescription drugs, antibiotics, or poppyseed ingestion might have tainted the test, make sure you let your employer know and ask for a retest.

Drug Screening Results Depend on the Test

Because drug testing can be made on blood, urine, saliva, hair follicles, and sweat, there are different cut off percentage levels for each testing method. You can not read a blood drug test in the same way as a saliva test, because the body metabolizes the drug traces differently for each specimen. Make sure you read all the drug test information, and how to analyze the results.

Drug screening results should be kept confident and private by the clinic, your employer, and your doctor. Even if a positive test is found, this information should be considered for the eyes of the individual and whoever the results effect. If there is any breach of this, legal action can be taken, so check with a lawyer regarding your personal privacy rights.

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