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Drug Screening Usual Urine Tests

Written by Sierra Rein
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After considering the multitude of options available for drug testing, no doubt you will at least come to the conclusion that drug screening usual urine tests are the most affordable and efficient method. Testing the drug levels in a urine sample is perhaps the easiest and less intrusive form of testing. There are no needles, swabs, or q-tips involved, and an individual can simply urinate into a cup in complete privacy.

Drug screening usual urine tests have been utilized for years as a great way of allowing employers to screen employees while on the job. Parents have also relied on home drug testing kits to make sure their children do not begin the downward spiral into drug abuse. After all, safety and learning how to be productive are certainly two tenets to aspire to in this day and age.

How Drug Screening Usual Urine Tests Work

The body is built like a processing machine, allowing nutrients to pass through the system and strengthen the body, while toxins and most drugs are screened and eliminated through the urinary system. By testing the urine of an individual, his or her drug use can be analyzed. Most drug testing kits are made to establish the existence of metabolites (or traces of drugs) in the urine, or specifically find how many grams per ml are present.

Many kits can be found that test for more than just one drug. Utilizing strips of medically treated paper, one urine sample can be used to discover if any one of five to ten drugs have been taken in the last few days or even weeks. For more drug test information, visit the rest of the pages here, or contact a local drug testing laboratory.

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