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Drug Test Blood

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons to perform a drug test blood screening. Toxicology tests of the blood can reveal many different answers to a lot of questions, including the effectiveness of a detox program, the possibility of drug use at the workplace, whether or not a date rape drug was utilized, or if a young teenager might be using drugs or steroids as athletic stimulants. Whatever the reason, blood work can decisively prove or deny the existence of drugs in the body.

Compared with other drug testing methods, screening the blood is the most effective and trustworthy. Blood is the "messaging" system by which both nutrients and toxins are delivered to the organs. Because of this, it is also the most telling bodily fluid to gain information regarding overall health and drug use.

Where Can I Go For the Best Drug Test Blood Facilities?

Unlike urine, saliva, and sweat, blood can not be extracted by novices or non-professionals (even if the person is training to be a nurse or doctor). You must go to a licensed and professional clinic, doctor, or laboratory to ensure that the blood is taken legally, and that the specimen is processed in a safe manner. It is due to past problems with tampering, mislabeling, and blood substitution that have made the laws surrounding drug test blood screening so strict.

Sometimes, doctor and hospital visits can be extremely costly and are often not covered by insurance policies. In these cases, it is often a great idea to contact one of several third-party drug screening companies which can facilitate a trip to a local clinic and the laboratory test itself. Get the information you need regarding your health or the drug use of another and contact one of these companies today!

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