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Drug Test Facts

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are interested in how and where to start your own drug screening program, make sure you get all the drug test facts. This includes contacting your local state lawmakers and understanding the laws associated with employee, individual, and school testing rights. It also encompasses how certain tests compare with others, and how to deal with false positive drug test results.

Let's say you are the proud new owner of a company. It is essential that you learn all of your state's laws regarding when you should and when you must test your employees. After all, if your company requires commercial drivers, involves Federal Government contracts, or is in any way physically dangerous to employees, you could be in violation of certain laws if you don't test your workers.

Drug Test Facts to Aid Individual Privacy Rights

On the other hand, sometimes people become involved in certain situations where they feel their personal privacy is being invaded. This may occur on the job, where unreasonable suspicion can lead to invasive interviews, targeted drug testing, and the even the possibility of being fired due to a false positive drug test. If you feel as though you are being needlessly harassed, arm yourself with the best drug test facts and contact a lawyer to discuss your personal rights on the matter.

The same goes for student testing, although a minor's rights differ strongly from an adults. A parent still has the ability to perform tests on his or her child. However, a student should look into state's laws governing how a school administrator should handle drug screening in environmental
institutions if he or she feels as though her personal rights are being violated in the classroom.

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