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Drug Test Information

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is a lot of drug test information to take in at one time. It can almost seem overwhelming, and many people throw up their hands in frustration. However, it is essential that you arm yourself with the best drug test facts possible to protect yourself or your business.

There are many things that effect the results of a drug screening process, and the accuracy depends on a multitude of factors. First of all, the technology utilized can vary depending on the make, model, and function of the test. Some give simply a yes/no, positive/negative answer, while others are more detailed and can give a specific count or percentage of drugs in the system.

Other Drug Test Information Factors

Each drug has a unique chemical nature, giving it a timeline in the body and a specific way of discovering it in urine, blood, sweat, or saliva. Some tests, therefore, are only meant for finding one drug, and can not be used for all drugs. However, there are some "combo" kits which are built to test for at least the top 5 drugs within an individual specimen.

The last factors that effect the drug test information depend on human skill or error. It is essential that the skills of the laboratory workers be top notch, and that they be able to handle and process the samples completely and professionally. Without this, there is the danger of creating a false positive drug test, or not finding the drugs that do exist.

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