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Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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The concept behind drug testing is that, as individuals, we have a responsibility towards our fellow humans to be as productive and on our best behavior when in public. This means that workers arrive at their jobs sober, students arrive at school ready to learn, and athletes perform their best because of their own natural abilities. Unfortunately, some people decide to bring their personal drug use habits into these forums.

The most important drug testing that occurs in the world takes place in potentially dangerous work environments, or at least those holding a lot of responsibility. Our taxi drivers and school bus drivers, for example, hold the challenge of driving innocent passengers to and from their destinations -- they need to be completely sober and in control of their abilities. Others, such as construction worker or concrete mixer, must rely on safety standards and complete awareness to be followed on the job.

The Most Effective Ways to Perform Drug Testing

Because the body works in the ways it does, the two most popular ways to screen for drugs is through blood and urine samples. Urine drug testing is the easiest, as specimens can be taken quickly and without too much fanfare. However, blood testing is much more accurate and can provide a wealth of drug testing information on all levels.

If you would like to create a drug testing program for your home or workplace, there are always specific laws and procedures to follow. This is especially true for an employer, as he or she should always be aware of the individual privacy rights of employees. For more information regarding this, research your state's laws regarding drug testing in the workplace.

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