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Drug Testing And Workplace

Written by Sierra Rein
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When considering all the considerations between drug testing and workplace rights, one conclusion always arises on top. It is up to the head of the workplace, either the employer or the business manager, to arrive at a workable yet efficient way of testing employees while on the job. A good pre-employment system should also be organized to screen applicants as they are on their way into the hiring process as well.

Drug screening rights for both the employer and the employee should be taken into account. The business owner has a right to provide as clean and as safe a working environment for his workers, as well as create a more efficient and productive business. The employee, on the other hand, has certain privacy rights that should not be eclipsed by the power of the business.

Other Drug Testing and Workplace Issues

Most employees argue that drug testing is an embarrassing process that violates their personal privacy. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. There are non-intrusive methods of drug tests, or third-party lab companies, that can remove the embarrassing factors and allow urine or blood to be collected easily and simply.

Analyzing the results is also incredibly important, especially with the fact that some tests are more reliable than others. It is the responsibility of the employer to know how to read the results, and to not jump at any unnecessary conclusions without knowing all the drug testing information possible. There are several grey areas when it comes to drug testing and workplace screenings, so make an effort to learn all the facts before arriving at any conclusions.

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