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Drug Testing For Business

Written by Sierra Rein
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As a protective measure, drug testing for business is the biggest and strongest method to keep drugs away from the workplace. Many companies use drug screening techniques to randomly test employees as well as preemptively screen applicants eager to join the workforce. The reasons for these tests are not based on mere whim, but on a strong need to protect other employees and the business from the effects of drugs.

According to a recent SACS study, an average business can lose $7,000 annually per employee that abuses drugs. This is usually due to accidents, absenteeism, decreased productivity, and tardiness. Dealing with employee drug abuse and helping with the detoxification and rehabilitation of these workers is also costly but necessary to the health of the workplace.

Laws Governing Drug Testing For Business

Any business owner has the right to urge his company to invest in drug testing services. However, the Americans With Disabilities Act prevents applicants to be tested unless they are given an offer for employment. And some states prohibit testing employees unless they are part of a dangerous or driving-related occupation.

Thus, before starting a drug testing for business policy, make sure you understand all the matters associated with it. After this, it is a good idea to contact a company to help you write the policy letter by letter, to make sure it is completely legal and comprehensible by employers and employees alike. This way, you will have all your drug testing bases covered and everyone can be sure in the knowledge of how the drug tests will take place.

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