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Drug Testing Cocaine

Written by Sierra Rein
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With all the problems associated with drug abuse, it is no wonder that drug testing cocaine is extremely popular in the workplace. Unfortunately, most employers wish they didn't have to establish drug testing policies amongst employees. However, part of their job description is to keep the employment area clean, safe, and protected from all potential problems due to drug abuse.

Cocaine has been proven to effect the brain in extremely destructive ways. Studies have shown that skills, knowledge, and understanding accumulated over the years can be virtually erased by years and years of cocaine abuse. Psychostimulant drug use can cause accidents, reduce productivity, and even deaths in the most extreme moments.

What if a Drug Testing Cocaine Result Comes Back Positive?

There are several options available to an employer if one of the tests comes back positive for cocaine. It is very important to establish specific punishment policies before drug testing even begins so that both employees and employers can come to an understanding. Once a positive test is discovered, the policy should be adhered to for the sake of both parties.

This policy does not have to be tyrannical or cruel; in fact, there can be drug abuse counseling programs affiliated as part of the "punishment" process. A business owner can be compassionate if a worker's results for a drug testing cocaine screen is positive. If she needs help after a positive drug screening, an employer may have the best interests in mind and can aid her in getting back to work soon.

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