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Drug Testing Data

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any business or individual, finding the right way to obtain the best drug testing data is an important step. You might be interested in providing a drug-free environment for your employees or you may be struggling with drug abuse problems at home. No matter what your personal or professional reason, it is essential that the right information and research be performed before making this vital decision.

Unfortunately, drugs have become a common problem for the workplace, at the schoolyard, and at home. Businesses and companies are often hard-hit by accidents and absenteeism brought upon by drug use. On the other side, countless homes have been torn apart or at least challenged with the abusive behavior commonly associated with alcohol or illicit drugs.

What Information Can Drug Testing Data Give?

In the business world, knowing about the dangers of drug use in the workplace is one thing. Knowing specifically how it has effected YOUR business is quite another. Many business owners struggle with high insurance rates, lowered productivity levels, and multiple accidents during the year without knowing that all these may be the result of intoxication or being under the influence.

Instead, many companies create random drug testing programs which allow for drug testing data to be discreetly collected. They are organized to respect the individual rights of the employees while at the same time create a deterrent against arriving to work drunk or high on an illegal substance. Once an employer knows for certain that someone is on drugs at the workplace, disciplinary actions such as suspensions, layoffs, and jail-time can be instigated.

How to Perform Drug Tests and How to Analyze the Information

There are many different ways to collect drug testing data. Some companies rely on urine drug tests, while others prefer blood testing to arrive at a definite conclusion. These methods should be individually researched before a single one is decided upon, as some are better fitted for certain drugs or individuals than others.

Of course, once the test comes back, it is imperative that the employer, parent, or school administrator understands how to read the test. Sometimes a "positive" test can mean that alcohol or drugs were found in the body, but there was not enough in the system to legally claim someone is drunk or under the influence. It is up to the organizer of the drug screening to know all the laws governing drug tests and the specific rules surrounding each individual situation.

Contacting a Company for Help

It is always a good idea, especially you have questions, to call or email a company which deals with drug tests on a daily basis. These companies can often provide drug testing data services, and can help you in choosing the best screening method for you. They can certainly help you take the guesswork out of the shopping process, and even provide great discounts on kits and clinic services.

Please click on the links to the left regarding any specific questions you might have about drug testing data, the legal issues surrounding testing at the workplace, and the methods and means by which most companies obtain specimens. You'll find a lot of drug testing facts, information, and advice. And, if you have any questions, feel free to send an email.

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