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Drug Testing False Positives

Written by Sierra Rein
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When drug testing false positives rear their ugly heads, there is usually a wave of concerned questions that follow. What caused this falsity to take place, and how does the individual who failed the test feel after the ordeal? These are very serious problems to solve, as they involve many different issues.

It is sometimes difficult how to nail down the exact reasons why drug testing false positive occur. Some are due to tampering with the specimen, or mistaking one drug test vial for another's. Others arrive when complications with prescription drugs, poppyseed muffins, or second-hand marijuana smoke
reveal drug metabolites to be in the system, even if the subject did not intentionally ingest an illegal substance.

What to Do to Minimize Drug Testing False Positives

Because there are a number of factors in creating a false positive drug test, there can be several methods to reduce the chances of having one pinned on you. First of all, make sure you do not take any prescription and non-prescription drugs drugs, such as decongestants and many diet products, as they can create false positives for amphetamines. Dental medicines, such as Novocain, and antibiotics can cause false cocaine results as well.

Do not eat poppyseeds or take ibuprofen either before a drug test. If you are taking medications for your current health and cannot halt dosages, make sure you tell the technician in writing as to what you are taking. He or she will be able to see if the drug will effect the test, or may feel the need to reschedule your test until you are off the medicine so that the known drug testing false positives can be avoided.

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