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Drug Testing Laws

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are some highly controversial and debated drug testing laws in the country today. Most rely on the individual state laws regarding a balance between the protection of privacy and the safety of the workplace. Other laws deal with drug testing at schools and during extracurricular activities.

Some drug testing laws focus on the types of tests and that they be performed by a professional laboratory to be considered fully reliable. Others demand that a substance abuse treatment program be an option for employees who test positive. Many types of "high risk" jobs, especially those which demand commercial driving or the use of dangerous machinery, are allowed to hold random drug testing for the purpose of safety in the workplace.

Drug Testing Laws and School Testing

The lines blur somewhat when it comes to testing teenagers and pre-teens behind school walls. Most laws agree that it is permissible for administrators to test students who exhibit behavior that brings about a reasonable suspicion of drug us. However, most current legislation rules that only public students who engage in extracurricular activities should be tested.

There are always some grey areas to be found here and there. If you are interested in beginning a drug testing plan, either for your home or your business, make sure you check with all current drug testing laws in your city and state. Protect yourself legally and get all the drug testing facts you need to perform them safely and securely.

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