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Drug Testing Methods

Written by Sierra Rein
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The number of drug testing methods available to the public is quite staggering to think about. There are home kits for marijuana, laboratory tests for cocaine, and a number of different systems that are utilized by schools across the nation. No matter what your personal or professional needs are, there is one to fit them.

Most drug testing methods require a careful collection of a subject's bodily fluid, be it blood, urine, saliva, or sweat. Other types of methods utilize skin scrapes, breath, and even hair to analyze possible drug use. Some of these are more effective to find traces of certain drugs than others, so check with a drug testing company for more information.

The Best Drug Testing Methods

The factors concerning effective drug tests are 1. the ease of obtaining the sample and having it analyzed, 2. the reliability of the test and the accuracy of the results, and 3. the cost of each test and how affordable it is. The choice of how to balance these three aspects will depend on the use. If a parent simply needs to know if his child is taking drugs, a simpler test might be in order, while an employer of an adult may have to see if the drug levels are above the established and legally safe norm.

How one tests is also a choice. Some home drug testing kits can be found to "dip test" strips into a urine sample. Other tests require a trip to a medical clinic to have blood drawn and lab testing done.

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