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Drug Testing My Child

Written by Sierra Rein
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As a parent, you may have already asked yourself the question "why should I think about drug testing my child?" Most parents are frightened about even considering this for fear that they may find out the answer. However, for those who are eager to help their young adult grow up to be healthy and drug-free, this is an important start.

When a parent takes the time out to consider "drug testing my child," he or she is debating how much effort she wishes to exert for her child's sake. Many parents do not choose to take a hands-on role in his or her life, and rely on the teenager's words to tell the truth. However, if drug tests are done in certain cases, potential drug abuse problems of the future can be avoided.

How Can Drug Testing My Child Protect Him?

Oftentimes, it is merely the threat of drug testing that can halt a child's interaction with drugs. Many teenagers, feeling the pressures of peers and fellow classmates, are often relieved if they can say "no" to drugs by claiming that their parents have really tough drug tests at home. They can blame it on the threat of the test rather than bare the brunt of a lot of ridicule.

No matter what, random drug testing can either prevent future drug abuse or catch this problem before it becomes a life ruining or life threatening problem. If you know that your child is in potential danger of either of these scenarios, or has a current history of drug abuse, do not hesitate to ask yourself how you can step in and make a difference. For more information regarding this and other drug testing issues, please read the rest of the pages here!

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