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Drug Testing Statistics

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are an employer or business person, it is essential that you find the best drug testing statistics possible. The following are a few of the biggies. However, if you need more information regarding drugs in the workplace and drug abuse in general, make sure you look in to more reference materials.

The U.S. Government has recently reported that about 9.7 million Americans used marijuana and 1.9 million used cocaine in the past month. Combine that with the amount of people employed, at an average of 75% of illegal drug users go to work each day for one business or another. This is frightening to think about -- after all, some of these people drive our busses, teach our children, and operate dangerous machinery.

Want More Drug Testing Statistics? Read On!

The popularity of drug testing in the workplace has increased dramatically over the years. Indeed, 3% of the Fortune 200 companies in 1983 were performing tests on employees.  By the year 1991, 97% of these same companies were testing randomly and regularly throughout the year.

Indeed, more than fifty million drug tests are performed in America per year. In a recent "cocaine hotline" study, 64% of employees have admitted that their performance levels have decreased while they were on the drug, and 44% have claimed that they have sold drugs while on the job as well. Other drug testing statistics have revealed that those who use illegal drugs are three times more likely to be the cause of an accident at work, while health costs have risen 300% amongst drug users compared to non-users.

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