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Drug Testing Time Table

Written by Sierra Rein
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For everyone and anyone involved in a substance test, you should first become acquainted with the drug testing time table. Every drug out there, from sinus cold tablets to cocaine, leaves traces within the body. Each of these substances also has a certain amount of time in the body before it is fully eliminated through urine, feces, sweat, saliva, and tears.

For example, most opiates stay in the body between one and seven days. On the other hand, marijuana can take up to 11 weeks to be untraceable in the body after the drug is taken. The time table always adjusts to the method by which the drug is introduced into the system (smoking, ingestion, or injection), as well as the personal habits of the individual (amount of exercise, diet, and drinking habits aid in the elimination process).

Using a Drug Testing Time Table to the Fullest

By knowing the time frame by which to test an individual, an employer or parent can get a clearer understanding of how to drug test effectively, and how to analyze the results. However, unless one performed a hair follicle test, there is no way of using the drug testing time table to tell for sure how long ago the drug was taken. Thus, if an individual tests positive for a drug on Saturday, there is no way of knowing (without asking him directly) if he was high on the job Friday.

Most time tables can be useless to a tester, but beware -- they are very useful to a drug user. If he or she knows that the drug he took that morning will be out of his or her system by the time you perform the routine drug test later that day. The best way to thwart this kind of thinking is to perform random drug testing procedures that will catch them unawares while high at the job.

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