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Drug Testing Urine

Written by Sierra Rein
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The drug testing urine method is the most popular form of substance testing around. It has been used in the workplace, at home, and amongst students as a relatively reliable way to deter and catch individuals from using drugs. Because of it's non-invasive mode of collecting samples, drug testing urine has become acceptable, even within privacy laws.

Urine itself is the perfect medium to test. It is through the kidneys, bladder, and urethra that the traces of drugs (metabolites) are processed and eliminated. Collecting a sample is also a simple thing, as long as the subject is willing and needs to go!

Drug Testing Urine Method is Also the Quickest and Most Affordable

A urine test is perhaps the simplest drug screening test for the body. Many "drip" tests can be purchased for home use utilizing paper strips which react to different metabolites (drugs) in the liquid. However, while some of them are simple and straight-forward, they can sometimes create questionable results.

In this case, it is often recommended that the urine be sent to a professional laboratory to do detailed analysis and to make sure nothing is tampered with. In the past, there have been attempts for drug users to sneak in healthy urine and replace their own with it, thinking that they know all there is to know about drug testing methods. However, temperature tests performed on the spot can usually catch "cold" samples and their owners in the act.

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