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Employee Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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Without employee drug testing, there would be many more businesses existing today which are literally being taken advantage of by their workers. Imagine hiring a teenager to garden your lawn, only to see him rip out healthy grass and leave the weeds. While you certainly would never pay him for this shoddy work, some businesses have no choice in the matter.

Productivity levels are incredibly important to keeping a business afloat. If a worker arrives late or never shows up for work at all, another percentage point of the workforce goes down. Drugs are oftentimes the premiere reason behind chronic absenteeism, and sometime an owner or manager feels powerless to prevent it.

The Five Steps to Establishing Employee Drug Testing

To make sure the drug-free workplace environment plans are made without angering anyone's personal sense of privacy and freedom, there are a few points to hit before the testing can begin. The first is to write up a "drug-free workplace policy," which outlines the future process, how the procedure will go, and the specific penalties that will take place if drugs are found in someone's system. Next, both supervisors and all employees will be trained and educated regarding the procedure and at the same time any questions can be answered.

Once this is all settled, then the testing - random or not - can be implemented. Finally, there can be an assistance program set up to assist those found with illicit drugs after an employee drug testing procedure, including counseling, treatment references, and alternatives to full dismissal. Your employees will appreciate the concept that they are well thought for and respected.

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