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Employee Random Drug Screening Policy

Written by Sierra Rein
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To each business, an employee random drug screening policy is written. Some choose to claim a non-involvement in the process, claiming that they will test employees for drugs only if there is "reasonable suspicion" due to abnormal behavior or accidents. However, when it comes to safety, most businesses choose to implement random drug testing at work.

An employee random drug screening policy needs to be organized, clear, and complete. It should take into account all the factors associated with the job, and detail specifically how employees are to be tested. It should also include the penalties, options, and possible help that will be given to the employee should a positive result come to light.

How to Write This Employee Random Drug Screening Policy

While you can do a little research by yourself and see how other businesses have written their drug testing policies, no company owner should ever simply "cut and paste" one of these notices into his computer and simply use that. Instead, he should contact a policy writing company which can use it's years of expertise and knowledge to help you write one that is distinct, customized to the business, honest, and straightforward in all its details. Only then can full understanding of both the needs of the individual and the needs of the company be created.

Once this is written, it should be printed out in memo form and handed out to all current and future employees to read and sign. It should also be placed on an employee information board for all to read and understand. This provides legal precedence and warning to everyone who either is or will be employed by the company.

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