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Employment Drug Test

Written by Sierra Rein
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An employment drug test is a protective measure used by many companies to screen applicants for drugs and possible substance abuse before they are allowed into the workplace. With the current drug use by over 75% of employed people in the market today, it is no wonder that employers are nervous about hiring someone who may bring drugs into work with them. They must make sure that productivity levels stay high and that their employees...well...don't!

Besides productivity, an employment drug test can protect the financial and physical safety of a company. Businesses lose millions each year due to accident and death-related insurance cost, paying trainees who were too high to comprehend the training process, and replacing defective products that were poorly made while an employee was under the influence. The overall dangers of having accidents while on the job and while high is also a personal concern that most employers take upon themselves to fight.

Help in Creating an Employment Drug Test Procedure

There are many third-party companies which can perform employment drug testing procedures for a fraction of the cost it would take to do it oneself. Their usual business mission is to provide easy and affordable methods of random drug testing for any company, small or large. Many of them can have the results back to the employer within 24 hours!

It is up to the business owner, however, to make clear to the applicants regarding how this process works and how a positive result may effect their employability. Every applicant should be given an employment drug testing policy to read, understand, and sign before going through the test. It can save many legal and personal headaches in the future.

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