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Employment Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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The next time someone complains to you regarding all the employment drug testing he or she has to face during the past few job applications, make sure to teach him or her about the facts regarding drugs and the workplace. An employment drug test is meant to prevent those people who would abuse the work environment with drug use. It is also an insurance measure to make the workplace a safer, productive, and constructive place.

Most employment drug testing occurs after the initial interview and review of the resume. It is often a last moment formality, but it can be a bit nerve-wracking for both applicant and employer. There should be a clear set of instructions on how to prepare for a drug test (such as not taking certain prescription drugs or over-hydrating before the test), as well as when the results will be discussed.

Methods of Employment Drug Testing

The most common and easily utilized method of drug testing is the urine test. These can be done either at the workplace or in conjunction with a third-party medical clinic which will process the information for the employer. It will also provide a "safer" and more professional environment for the applicant to donate a sample.

There are also other methods, such as blood and saliva, which are popular. However, they can be a bit more costly for the employer, and a bit more invasive for the subject. They are more accurate, however, and can provide much-needed information about drugs across the board.

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