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Employment Drug Testing Facts

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many employment drug testing facts to sift through out there. However, there are some strong reasons why drug testing in the workplace can be an essential practice to organize and undertake. Whether the business is interested in providing a safe and moral working environment, or needs to cut back on needless insurance policies and expenditures, drug tests are certainly a great (and often necessary) solution.

Most employment drug testing facts support the reality that these tests are essential for good business practices. Did you know that drug-using employees are 4 to 6 more times as likely to file workman's claims in the event of an on-the-job injury, even though that accident was probably caused by being under the influence? These drug users are also twice as likely to take place in a theft that involves the company or other coworkers.

Employment Drug Testing Facts Point the Way

While most employers hate to force employees to take drug tests, most workers understand its necessity and go through the random screenings without quarreling. After all, the idea that there could be drug abusing employees working side by side with them, endangering their health and producing a "why do they get away with it" environment, can lower morale and heighten stress and nervousness. By investing in some routine, bulk-bought drug testing devices, employers and employees can feel safer and more secure about the workplace.

The last facts that any employer or employee must take into consideration is how to read the results. Sometimes, a person can test positive for a drug but still be under the accepted level for intoxication or being "under the influence." Make sure all the information is collected regarding the drug test you have in mind, and make sure all your fellow employees understand this information too.

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