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The Facts About Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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Here are the facts about drug screening, and what it means to take action into your own hands. When it comes to deterring employees and teenagers, there is perhaps no better method than random drug testing. After all, in a recent survey study done on 83 high schools who initiated a drug testing program, 85% of them claimed that illicit drug abuse and alcohol-related issues rose as soon as the program was stopped in 2000 (as compared in 1999).

Did you know that, even in the United States, 40% of adults will at one point in their lives use an illegal drug, and some abuse more than one at a time. By the time a teenager reaches Senior year in High School, about half of his classmates have used an illegal drug at least once. With this rampant and highly prevalent drug use amongst both adults and children, how safe can we really expect the workplace and our schools to be?

The Facts About Drug Screening and Drug Addiction

Many people, even while under the influence, refuse to admit they have a problem, and will go to work or class despite their state. It takes the solid results of a drug test to prove to them that they have an addiction and need medical or psychological help. They might injure someone on the job, or increase violence amongst fellow classmates while high or hung over.

Because this, business costs regarding drug treatments, insurance, and legal costs are estimated to be $100 billion annually. The facts about drug screening consistently points out that there is a need, both on a personal and on a business level, to create safe working and learning environments for ourselves and our children. Anything else would be incredibly costly to us all in the future.

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