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Lab Drug Tests

Written by Sierra Rein
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For fully professional and reliable drug screening results, lab drug tests have always been on the forefront. Corporate companies, business, government agencies, and individual families alike have depended on laboratory answers to their employment and personal problems. Whether it is a dangerous workplace that must be protected, or a teenager who is on a destructive path, these tests can save lives.

Lab drug tests are easy to organize at the workplace. Employers can set up a blood or urine drawing date, collect the specimens, and either drop off or mail them securely to a laboratory. Or, the employee can go to an officially sanctioned hospital or medical facility to donate, and an outside drug lab can perform the tests themselves.

Lab Drug Tests are Easy and Affordable!

While many people choose to go to their doctor to arrange blood drug testing, there is another, cheaper method. One can save 40 to 70% on drug testing by contacting an outside company to perform the task for you. They can arrange a connection with a clinic who will do the blood draw at a lower price, preventing you from the usual mark ups and exam fees associated with a doctor.

Once the blood is drawn, a simple phone call to the lab can give you the results you need. This is fantastic news for those interested in easy drug testing methods that don't drain your time or your pocketbook. Whether you are the head of a large company or the parent of an individual teenager, lab drug testing are simple, affordable, and reliable.

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