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Lab Tests For Alcohol

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most common lab tests for alcohol are those that deal with a person's GGT levels. GGT, or gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, refers to the amount of injury given to an individual's liver and bile duct. Both liver disease and alcohol abuse can be assessed through this simple blood test.

Elevated GGT levels signify that something is wrong with the liver, and most of these problems are due to some form of alcoholism. However, some lab tests for alcohol can come back elevated due to other factors, such as the intake of some types of prescription and non-prescription drugs, antibiotics, antihistamines, contraceptive pills, and smoking. In any case, it is the duty of the individual to weight between lab tests and reference ranges to come to a conclusion regarding the results.

Why Choose Lab Tests for Alcohol?

The most common form of alcohol testing is the breathalyzer; however, this device is always an estimate of the blood alcohol level, and will not disclose a person's full history with the substance. Lab tests are the most reliable and complete methods of allowing a person to get all the information he or she needs. It can help an individual realize alcohol abuse and the extent to which the drug is affection his or her system.

Blood work is usually the way to process the GGT level information. You can go to your doctor, or hire an outside lab to do the work at a lowered cost. Your lab test results could save your life or the life of your loved one, so act now!

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