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Mandating Workplace Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many struggle with the concept of mandating workplace drug testing. However, information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that 68 percent of illicit drug users held jobs in 1991. Every employer wants to have a drug-free workplace, but the very widespread nature of illicit drugs often makes this ideal an incredible difficulty.

The benefits from both random and regulated drug testing are quite evident. Successful drug reducing programs have decreased workplace absenteeism and accidents, and have increased productivity and morale. This is fantastic news for employers, insurance companies, worker's compensation incentive programs, and unions.

Weed out the Bad Apples by Mandating Workplace Drug Testing

It is a well-know fat that most current users of alcohol and illicit drugs prefer to be hired by companies that do not have mandatory drug testing programs. They would rather endanger themselves and their coworkers and lower the overall efficiency of the workplace than give up their dependent habits. Imagine the feelings if someone injure himself or a fellow co-worker while high on cocaine or methamphetamines.

The risk is too much to imagine. Employers can reduce a lot of personal and professional headaches and sorrows by implementing blood or urine tests on either a regular or random basis. Mandating workplace drug testing is a secure and responsible way to ensure that employees are as healthy and on the ball as they can be.

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