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Mandatory Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is clear that in this day and age, mandatory drug testing has become part of the fabric of corporate and business life. Recent polls estimate at least one third of American businesses use mandatory workplace drug testing to become an essential part of the public's interest to reduce drug use in areas of employment. In addition, the benefits gained after implementing such a program have far outweighed the costs to organize it.

Mandatory drug testing has been ruled by the United States Supreme Court to be a permissible policy under the Constitution. It has been implemented in businesses, amongst military personnel, as well as in schools and after class athletic programs. Having a community which is ultimately drug-free allows for a more honest, trustworthy, and productive work and play environment

The Negative Issues Surrounding Mandatory Drug Testing

Drug testing has become a hotbed of conversation regarding civil liberties, privacy, and the challenges towards maintaining a drug-free workplace or home. While individual families can instigate drug testing programs with their troubled teenager, it is sometimes difficult to force grown adult employees to comply with a manager's decisions. There are also worries that the results of the tests will become a permanent stain on the employee's record, preventing him or her to be hired by another company in the future.

If you are considering mandatory drug tests, make sure you get all the facts about drug testing and the effect that they can have. With the right guidelines in place, the health and well-being of the workplace should be balanced with the personal rights and dignities of the employees. The happiness of both is in jeopardy, so associate yourself with the right information before starting your drug-free program.

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