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Marijuana Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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Marijuana drug testing is perhaps the most widely-used, simply because of the nature of the drug itself. Marijuana itself is very controversial habitual drug and has been both vilified and praised on either side of the spectrum. However, medical benefits aside, it can produce very dangerous personality changes within a healthy adult or teenaged child.

Marijuana drug testing relies on the ability to find THC (9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in the body. Cannabinoids (marijuana) is absorbed through fatty tissues in various organs once the smoke is inhaled or the leaf is ingested. A few days after such a session, urine lab tests can detect traces of THC; in heavy users, the substance can be found even weeks after they have ceased smoking marijuana.

Reasons to Make Marijuana Drug Testing Important

While some people make light of pot smokers or claim that the drug is not addictive in any way, there is nevertheless a danger for certain people to be under its influence. Marijuana can cause some people to experience moments of confusion, anxiety, and delirium, and is associated with behavioral disorders in heavy users. Imagine the dangers involved if a heavy user gets behind the controls of a heavy construction machine, or picks up a scalpel during essential surgery!

Amongst teenagers, the need to establish a healthy, drug-free growing period is also extremely important. Most adults who have become addicted to heavier, more dangerous drugs began first trying out with marijuana. So, if you've ever questioned whether "drug testing my child" is good for him or her, consider not finding out the truth in time.

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