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Niacin And Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is currently a dangerous trend amongst adults and teenagers that has to do with the drug Niacin and drug testing. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is utilized by the body for over 50 chemical processes, including helping the body break down excess fats and cholesterol. Because it also speeds up the body's metabolism, it has commonly been used as a "flushing" system to eliminate traces of THC (the active substance found in marijuana) in the body.

Unfortunately, many individuals eager to pass drug testing procedures will overdose on the vitamin pill. Hundreds of emergency rooms take in teenagers who are both high on pot and overdosed on Niacin. Indeed, over 2 grams of the substance can cause risky damage to the liver, skin flushing, and excessive dermal warmth. They learn too late that there is no safe way to "flush" THC traces from the body without water and time.

Other Connections Between Niacin and Drug Testing

There are many systems out there that claim to be detox procedures allowing one to "pass drug tests" with flying colors. However, these methods can be risky and hazardous to the body, especially if repeated over and over. The best way to pass drug testing is to stay healthy and sober!

There are many individuals who can not seem to understand why Niacin and drug testing issues are so important. Instead, they choose to try and create excuses, put off drug testing while on probation, and make up stories about why they "can't test today" simply because they can not fess up to their own responsibilities. Next time you hear someone discuss ways to "cheat" their next drug test, talk to them about all the dangers of working, driving, and relying on drugs, and how their use can endanger others.

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