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Pass Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you take a look at many online conversations regarding random drug testing at work or schools, you will find many threads regarding how to pass drug testing. One individual I found even went so far as to explain how he was pulled over for a DUI, got on probation, has drug abuse classes after school, but now has the need to flush his system of the traces of marijuana in his system before "tomorrow's mandatory drug test." It is quite evident that this person has missed the essential point of drug testing and the responsibilities he must fulfill in his life.

It is actually quite difficult to pass drug testing, especially if performed randomly and without warning. Many illegal practices, such as substituting one's urine with a healthy individual's for example, have been cracked down upon by clinics, abuse programs, and government facilities. The focus of the whole process is to find those people who seek to put their own pleasures in front of the safety and health of those around them.

Desperation Meets Danger in Methods to Pass Drug Testing

To protect their own skin, some people will substitute willpower with a panicked desire to pass the drug test under any circumstances. This includes endangering their health with so-called "flushing" vitamins that supposedly increase the body's metabolic rate to burn off any traces of illegal or alcoholic substances in the bloodstream and urine. However, many times people unassumingly take too much of the flushing agent and can dangerously overtax the liver and lead to palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, chills, edema, and liver disease.

Take a moment to consider which is worse to face - taking responsibility for your drug abuse problem or causing a major organ or few to literally fall apart within you? Personal pride can often blur the line between one's desire to maintain bodily pleasures and the desire to be a safe and reliable member of society. This is always the question that comes up during conversations of drug abuse, and is one that will continue to be debated for years to come.

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