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Pre-employment Drug Screening

Written by Sierra Rein
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For an employer, pre-employment drug screening can be a great way of assessing future workers and protecting himself from problems in the future. By screening potential employees, he has a better chance of preventing accidents, and time consuming negative issues that usually go hand in hand with drug use. Just reading the statistics on the impact that drug abusers can have on the company can convince any business owner to perform random drug testing at work.

Some government studies indicate that 74% of drug abusers and users in this country are employed. This means that one out of every six workers has some level of drug use. These numbers are disconcerting, seeing as many jobs demand high levels of safety and awareness, such as driving, construction and building, demolition, and medicine.

The Fiscal Impact of Pre-employment Drug Screening

When it simply comes to the monetary loss brought upon by employees who use drugs, pre-employment drug screening makes good business sense too. It is estimated that $7,000 to $10,000 a year is lost per employee to drug-related problems. Medical costs and benefits for these employees can go up 300%, and absenteeism rises 16 times the normal.

When the drug abusers themselves are polled, about 44% have claimed they have sold drugs to fellow employees, while 18% of them have admitted to stealing from their bosses. Having a good drug screening for employment program will allow the business owner to protect himself, his fellow employees, and his livelihood. It just makes sense!

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