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Pro Random Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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While there are many advocates against the practice, most pro random drug testing arguments make a strong case. While some are convinced that random drug testing is a violation of privacy and individual rights, many employers continue to perform the tests for the safety of the company and all who are associated with. Some dangerous jobs, they argue, should contain mandatory drug testing to protect fellow employees against accidents and possible deaths caused by people high on the job.

The pro random drug testing side holds a strong claim that drug screening at work can be an incredibly effective weapon against drug abuse by adult workers. Compared to the $10,000 per employee it usually costs to deal with drugs annually, drug testing is a low cost strategy. It can also improve attendance, raise productivity, and immediately identify those who need drug addiction help.

More Pro Random Drug Testing Facts

Numbers held by recent US studies are perhaps more than enough to show how substance abusers can effect the workplace. Those under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol are 33% less productive, and are 3 times more likely to be late to work. On a more dangerous level, they are also four times more likely to cause an accident and hurt others or themselves, ten times more likely to skip or miss work altogether, and are more likely to sue their employer for compensation.

Thus, random drug screening, especially for new employees, is a protective measure that can raise the level of productivity and trust amongst workers. They will know that they can work side by side with their fellow employees without the fear of injury or picking up excess work slack due to drug abuses. If you are the head of a business and wish to collect more information on drug tests, please read ahead.

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