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Random Drug Testing

Written by Sierra Rein
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While everyone appreciates honesty and trust amongst family members and co-workers, sometimes the implementation of random drug testing is the only way to make sure the home or workspace is clean of drugs. It is a sad part of reality that parents and employers feel they must invade the privacy of others. However, as a preemptive safety precaution, it can save lives and teach valuable lessons on responsibility and health.

It is perhaps more difficult for parents to perform random drug testing on their children. For years, a mother and father may have taught their young preteen about drugs and how they can be incredibly dangerous and detrimental to their lives. However, sometimes a parent's advice can not compete with peer pressure and the ease by which children can purchase drugs.

How to Perform Random Drug Testing at Home and Work

The trick with many drug testing procedures is how to test, and for what substance. Blood work can be difficult to perform, but can be quite effective in searching for all sorts of illicit and legal drugs in the system. Urine lab tests can be prepared at home and sent to a clinic for full evaluation.

For both parents and employers, the trick is to explain why they have decided to implement these tests. They should explain how drugs not only effect the user but the workplace and home environments as well. Many lives, and not only one's own, can be saved with the use of random drug testing.

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