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Random Drug Testing For Employees

Written by Sierra Rein
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The subject of random drug testing for employees is one fraught with controversy, suspicion and desperation. Some claim that it is incredibly necessary for a productive and safe working environment, while others argue that random testing violates personal privacy laws. However, no matter which side you are on, the need to create a healthier work environment is growing at a fantastic rate.

More and more companies are realizing the damaging effects that drugs can have on the workplace, and how random drug testing can discourage use and encourage higher productivity and health amongst employees. However, it is incredibly important how an employer goes about performing these random tests. There is the danger of insulting the innocent with needless suspicions, and in the process discourage potentially beneficial employees from even applying.

Be Smart About Random Drug Testing for Employees

Perhaps the most important thing to think about when performing random drug testing at work is to remember that your employees are living, breathing, emotional humans. By being as compassionate and constructive as you can, you can gain their trust regarding the importance of random drug testing for employees and the results when illicit drugs and alcohol are introduced into the workplace. Once the educational and legal ramifications are fully explained, then your workers will be more in tune to the idea of being tested on a random basis.

The confidentiality of these tests must be taken care of with great respect and responsibility. An employer must never discuss the tests to anyone but the employee in question, especially if the conversation is regarding a positive test result. Remember, some lab tests results can come out with a false positive, so make sure you speak to the employee directly and in person to articulate all your fears, concerns, and hopes for his or her future before making any sudden decisions.

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