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Random Drug Testing Issues

Written by Sierra Rein
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Whether you are the head of a company, a hard-working employee, a student, or a parent, taking a moment to consider all the random drug testing issues is an incredibly important step. Drugs and alcohol are a prevalent part of society, and unfortunately can be the cause of accidents, unhappy relationships, stress, and even deaths. It is only by conversing the pros and cons of all the aspects of the process that we can deal with these issues face to face and with intelligence.

Most random drug testing issues are centered around the grey area found between privacy rights vs. community safety. Perhaps the two most volatile venues for random drug testing are at the workplace and at public schools, especially during extracurricular activities. As the connection between drug use, accidents at work, and school violence becomes more and more apparent, the cases for finding reasons to drug test become stronger.

Random Drug Testing Issues and the American Legal System

The primary argument against random drug testing stems from the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which protects the rights of the people against "unreasonable searches" unless there is "probable causes, supported by Oath or affirmation." In the past, this legal protection has been analyzed and debated, especially where the line of demarcation between "unreasonable" and "probable" lies. To make it completely fair and unconnected from any specific suspicion, the policy must be as random as possible, both by the subject choice and the time frame.

Advocates against random drug screening argue that there is a slippery slope connected to the practice and that individual freedoms are being curtailed for the benefit of corporate interests. However, there can be a balance made that protects a person's individual privacy while also ensuring that the workplace or school environment is drug-free. With intelligent policy writing and an open, caring, and compassionate outlook, any random drug screening concept can be implemented safely and effectively.

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