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Random Drug Testing Programs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Random drug testing programs are not meant to catch people in the act of taking drugs, but to discourage them from ever doing them in the first place. Many programs are built around an understanding that it is for the company's own good that random tests be held. However, there can be a conflict sometimes with personal privacy laws already in effect.

Most random drug testing programs depend on individual state laws and regulations. Before starting any program, make sure that you know about your state's policies regarding drug testing for workers or family members. While most government agencies can not legally test their employees, many private companies have the right to do so as long as they provide employee education about drug abuse and the testing process.

Top Reasons to Start Random Drug Testing Programs

There are many reasons to drug test, depending on the interested parties. Parents may be eager to maintain the health and mental well-being of their children, while employers may have the desire to deter employees from using drugs and alcohol. They can be great tools to identify individuals who have drug problems before they injure themselves or a fellow employee at the workplace, and to ensure public safety and consumer confidence in the company itself.

To find programs on drug testing is easy! Once you acquaint yourself with the drug laws of your state, you can go online and find a company that can help you every step of the way. Make sure they can help you write the drug test policy, provide educational material for your company, or associate you with a blood and urine testing lab who can help you process and analyze the results.

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